Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions on Registration at DLP.PH

Welcome to DLP.PH. By registering an account, the information you provide to us are subject to the terms and conditions on registration.

I. Registration

Access to certain areas and services on the website is restricted only to users who have registered with us.
You agree that:
(1) you will provide true and accurate information on your submitted details for registration.
(2) you will not impersonate someone else with your account or register multiple false accounts.
(3) you are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and you will keep your password secure by not divulging them to any third party.

II. Privacy Policy

DLP.PH will only use your information as described in our Privacy Policy
You agree that:
(1) you understand and consent to the collection of information you submitted to us upon your registration.
(2) if you object to our use of information, please do not use our website.

III. Administration of Account

DLP.PH holds account holders responsible for all the activities conducted through their respective accounts.
If an account is reported to be in violation for any of the terms and conditions, the account may be terminated. DLP.PH reserves the right to ban access to the website at any time if any of the terms and conditions are breached.

IV. Violations

DLP.PH will immediately notify websites and users that are found to violate any of the provisions stated here.
If violations are continued after (3) warnings, DLP.PH may take legal actions against them.

DLP.PH reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions and privacy policy at any time without prior notice. Any such modifications shall take effect from the moment such policies and terms and conditions are posted on the website.